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McCoy News: August 14-28

Dreamwidth news, fan works, and tidbits related to Star Trek's Leonard "Bones" McCoy and actors Karl Urban and DeForest Kelley.

We find our news through here. Got a community or a journal we should be watching? Send us a message or email bones at fandomized dot net.


- Comic Mix's Star Trek Movie Annotations include some McCoy tidbits

Karl Urban News:

- Pop Matters calls Urban's casting as McCoy one of the 10 Most Memorable Moments of Summer 2009
- Urban cast in the adaptation of TokyoPop's Priest
- [personal profile] misbegotten posts various pictures of Urban


- Mischievous Pranks by [personal profile] irnan (Kirk, McCoy, Spock; PG)
- Best Intentions by [personal profile] theintersect (McCoy/Uhura; PG-13)
- This is How You Remind Me by [personal profile] slash4femme (McCoy/Kirk, McCoy/Spock, Kirk/Spock; PG-13)
- Hook, Line, & Sinker by [personal profile] takhallus (McCoy/Chekov; NC-17)
- Where My Secrets Echo by [personal profile] azephirin (McCoy/OFC; NC-17)
- So Foul and Fair a Day by [personal profile] fringedwellerfic (McCoy/Chapel; NC-17)
- What They'll Remember by [personal profile] sharpest_asp (McCoy/Kirk/Spock, ST: TOS; PG)
- No Win by [personal profile] silverraven (McCoy/Kirk UST, Kirk/Spock; PG-13)
- Nomenclature by [personal profile] inksheddings (McCoy/Kirk; R)